Canadore Foundation Intro The Canadore College Foundation exists to provide leadership in meeting the long-term development and fundraising objectives established by the Canadore College Board of Governors to benefit students, programs and applied research at Canadore College.

Slide On behalf of the dedicated volunteers of the Canadore College Foundation Board of Directors, thank you for the incredible difference you are making at Canadore.

We have two roles as the Foundation: first, we provide development and fundraising advice and support to the College; secondly, we oversee the governance of the College’s endowments, financial donations and other gifted assets in a way that best benefits students, services, programs and applied research. We hope our work will inspire you to invest in our students.

We are so grateful to our alumni, friends, internal community members, and the numerous corporations and organizations that support the Foundation’s mission. To say the past year and a half was challenging is truly an understatement. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected — and continues to affect — the wellbeing of Canadore’s students both financially and personally. Those supported by the Foundation’s work are still experiencing barriers as they navigate their return to campus-based learning and a new global reality. Our work to raise and steward funds in the best interests of the College’s student body continues.

The Foundation’s staff has worked hard to execute on its strategic priorities, and I can speak for the entire Board in saying I am very proud of all they have accomplished. From rewarding new partnerships and initiatives, to re-imagined fundraisers in our new socially-distanced world, the dedication, integrity and determination the Canadore Foundation’s leadership and staff have demonstrated in supporting the College (and each other) through these challenging times has been inspirational.

But of course, all of this could not have been done with you. Thank you again for investing in our students and, by doing so, investing in our future.
Foundation Board Chair’s Message Kirk Kelusky Board photo Kirk Kelusky kirk kelusky signature

Slide Welcome to the Canadore College Foundation.

Your ongoing engagement and support enables the College to continue moving forward as a leader in the province, modelling the interconnectedness of innovation, student success, academic and applied learning excellence, sustainability, and connection to community. We are deeply grateful for your generosity and partnership.

Many years prior to serving as President at the College, I volunteered as President of the Alumni Board and also worked here as Registrar. I remain motivated by Canadore’s determination to make a positive impact on the lives of students, as well as on our community, our province and our country by increasing enrolment, modifying programs to meet employer needs, and adopting new technologies and innovative approaches to education.

It would be impossible to highlight all of the good work done by everyone at the College and the Foundation throughout the challenges of the past couple of years. While COVID-19 still somewhat limits our ability to meet and work together, it does not hamper our ability to cooperate together for the good of the students and to build a strong future for Canadore. And that’s the direction we’re moving in: on to new challenges, experiences and innovations; keeping the best of what we’ve learned and using it to guide us moving forward.

Our “now” normal is starting out strong, and we have no reason to think that won’t continue. After all, we are Canadore and Great Things Happen Here.
President’s Message George Burton george burton signature